A day of sorting things out. And a few hair bleaching tips, along with other tried and tested hair care tips.

I finally got the energy to bleach my hair. I’m doing bits of housework while it’s processing. I’m trying to get rid of the ginger. I’ve put the second strongest volume of bleach I can buy on it (due to the availability of hair lighteners at the local supermarket). They don’t stock the up to 8 shades lighter one very often. I got a 4-6 shades lighter one. Blond is a process, not a destination. If you persevere with the lightening and toning and deep conditioning processes ever so often (I’ve given up millions of times throughout my twenties), then you’ll get clean nice coloured blond eventually. The roots are always going to be one of those extremely irritating things if you’re natural colour is quite dark.

I’m fortunate that I can put the bleach on my roots last because they process faster than my non-virgin previously coloured hair. I had red it in previously, so it was always going to be one hell of a b*tch to bleach out. There is no way of avoiding ginger when you first bleach it from a darker shade. It’s just something you have to roll with until you can get your hair in the right condition for the next bleaching session. I would just like to point out that I am not advising people to colour in this sequence at home. It isn’t advisable to go blond as quickly as I have done. Also, it is very unusual for roots to bleach faster than the rest of the hair so please don’t do it that way around unless you are absolutely certain that your hair works that way too.

I have extremely thick textured hair which can withstand a lot more stress than those with normal or thin hair. I’ve lost some of my ends and when I was younger I had ends snap off of my hair. The fact that I can get length with blond hair now is down to years of practice. I now use the coconut oil trick. I lathered it in coconut oil last night so that it had more moisture than it needed before I bleached it today. This is the best way to not lose too many ends. I have to put two boxes on my hair because of the thickness. One box only covers half of my hair. The importance of keeping moisture locked in your hair is the secret to being able to have long blond hair. I would love to grow my hair to my bum (it was that long before I cut it originally as a teen). It does get hot on days like today even at this length, but I’d just put it up in a bun or a pony tail.

I try to encourage my hair to grow by either massaging rosemary oil or coconut oil into my scalp. It’s better if you use both because they both have different things in them which used alternately throughout the week (I only wash my hair once a week otherwise it dries out due to the thickness) really does help it’s condition.

Anyway,  I must go finish off some housework and wash this bleach off because it looks ready to wash out. It is quite blond. I can still see ginger but hopefully I can tone that out with the blue shampoo later on in the week. It’s not good to do it all together due to too much chemical exposure at once.