Re. Epilepsy Scandal – We may be able to sue again if we can uncover evidence of the following….

This is regarding the scandal of hundreds of children (myself included) misdiagnosed by a doctor. I have attached my sources on to the end of this so that people can see what I am referring to themselves. This is only a suggestion at the moment because there will be a need to gain enough evidence to potentially sue on the ‘balance of probabilities. I was medicated with a drug called Vigabatrin from the age of 8 to 11 years old. I am aware that I was most likely not the only child prescribed this medication.

It was proven that in my case I shouldn’t have been medicated for the type of seizures I had, let alone being on a zombifying 1000mg dosage per day. I honestly can’t recall a lot of that period of my childhood because of the way I was while on them. I couldn’t learn at school and after I was taken off of them at 11, my behaviour problems materialised. I may joke about when it comes to my learning difficulties now and refer to myself as ‘retarded’, but this has taken me a long time to be able to accept. I now have a brain that doesn’t work properly without some form of medication and had hormonal issues since puberty (may be because the medication I was on as a child affected my development).

In reference to the links below, this drug wasn’t approved to be ‘safe’ until 2009. It certainly wasn’t recommended in children due to it’s safety concerns which came up in the clinical trials cited below on via the last link on the sources list. The NHS was sued because of this doctor. They were vicariously liable for his misdiagnosis of 600 children. The thought then crossed my mind that the drug definitely wasn’t approved in children at that time (mid to late 90s). We could have been test subjects and not been consulted about it. If we could obtain some form of proof which suggests that money changed hands and that he was asked to give pharmaceutical medication which wasn’t approved in children to minors.

This would mean we could sue the doctor himself in a personal capacity. He would have been negligent because he owed us a duty of care and as a professional that bar is set higher. He endangered us and caused us life long side effects by giving us medication which wasn’t approved in children. The dangers had already been previously highlighted in clinical studies and by not considering those dangers he has also breached the duty of care to a negligent standard. If money has changed hands at any point then that makes it worse in a way, eg. someone was paid to leave us with life long learning and intellectual disabilities and, in some cases, physical disabilities.


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