Migraine :(

I had quite a decent entry planned for the blog today. Until I woke up with a migraine this morning. It feels a bit better now after going for a long walk. I feel like someone has smacked me on one side of my head. I can’t think straight enough to do intelligent sounding entries today. I promise you all that it was a good one and will be added later on this week. I’ve done all the research for what I was going to put on here.

I am not even going to attempt it today because I don’t feel that I will be able to put words together well enough with this constant migraine. It is caused by stress because I’ve internalised it. I can’t get it to stay in long term. I am either sick or get a Migraine and then am sick as well. I don’t get this much any more because my medication has chilled me out a vast amount. I do still internalise things that upset me quite badly because I have no choice in some circumstances. It’s easier to just internalise some things that bug me than cause an argument which could lead in to a stupid situation for me again. I never really understood the concept of it’s better not to say anything to keep the peace. But, now I do. And, although things that I cannot change continue to stress me out, I don’t want to go there anymore. I’d rather have a peaceful life than end up in police cells and courts because of expressing how I feel. There is a pecking order and I’m on the bottom. I live only to exist, most likely not participate a vast amount, let alone become successful or win any awards. That is who I am. I’m never really going to excel much above what I am now. Some of us just have to be content with being low achievers.

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