Expensive day.

I can’t believe how much it cost me to print out one practice question paper for Unit one of the law gcse exam. £3.25 for 25 sheets (double sided too because I set them like that to cut the cost a bit). I cannot afford to print unit 2 out today. I don’t have the money available, let alone on me. Unit 2 was going to cost me £4.50 to print off because it was 35 pages. That’s approximately £7.75. I’m not eating much to save money, so I definitely can’t afford this expense. The tutor was supposed to send them but I haven’t got them twice yet. I have two weeks until my exam and can’t afford to mess around.

I need to practice the actual questions otherwise I won’t get the pass mark. I might just pop in at the local sorting office down the road from the library to see if they’ve got any undelivered post for my address. If the post is addressed slightly wrongly, sometimes they don’t deliver it. We live in quite a wide area but I’m sure that they have an undelivered post section that they can check for me. I won’t have time today because they’re about to close (Saturday they only open until lunch time). I am going to wait until Monday. If I do not have them by then I’m going to start asking questions. I was told that she had sent them before twice, and the second time she emailed me a week later saying sorry she hadn’t been able to use the printer yet. It wasn’t right to previously tell me that they’d been sent when they hadn’t though. I know that printing costs money. It costs me more money because I have to use the library as I don’t have a printer at home.

I don’t want to annoy the tutor (because we all know I’m extremely good at that), but I saved up to get my extra gcses and it cost me £600 for 2. I would really like to at least get a C (like I did in the Biology one). Education isn’t cheap. She doesn’t reply for over a week sometimes. I understand that it is a second voluntary job for these tutors alongside their main job, but it is very near my exams at the moment and the subject doesn’t come naturally to me. I can’t remember enough because of some of the complexities. 

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