One of those days.

I wasn’t even keen on going out today. I should have gone to my Maths lesson but woke up about half 4 this morning feeling terrible. I sometimes just do not feel up to going out to be around people. That is me on the worse days in regards to living with my disability. I’m trying to focus on my distance learning subject because I literally have that exam in just under a fortnight. I can only go through the information in sections because I can’t go through lots per night due to my brain not being able to process it.

I’m barely eating to save money in order to afford my rent and bills. I hope I don’t have to do this long term because I’m feeling hungry constantly. I either have to hope that I find a job or I get my benefit’s back as I cannot take the hunger anymore. On the plus side, I had gained a stone that I needed to lose so if I can get rid of that then every cloud has a silver lining. I still have achy thighs from trying to do the exercises on the app designed to tone them. They’re better than yesterday, but still feel tight. I haven’t even walked today because of the rain. I really do need a break and to get a lot of revision done anyway. 

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