Exercise is NOT good for you (sometimes it doesn’t feel ‘good for you’ anyway).

I saw that my thighs and upper legs were a little bit flabby compared with everywhere else which had shrunk a little bit because of exercises and walking I’ve been doing recently. I decided to download an app with exercise plans specifically designed for that part of the body. I did two sets of exercises. However, this morning and for the whole of today, I’ve been regretting it. I can feel the muscles in my thighs aching. I know that it goes off after you’ve got used to it, but the aches feel like they’re pushing on my knee cap and making my thigh muscles feel heavy. I tried to do some of the exercises today but it hurts too much to really do them properly.

I do need a break. I know that I said that I was having a break. I ended up going for a few long walks this week. It wasn’t as much as last week though. I like walking with music in my ears to have a break from life. It’s my me time and obviously also has the added benefit of keeping my weight under control while on medication. I haven’t really got a lot to say tonight. I’m too tired to say any more. The new medication I’m on really helps with sleep. I actually feel like I am ready to sleep when I get to bed at night. I’ve never been great at sleeping since I was a child. I wake up very early each day since I have been on my new medication. I can’t believe how chilled they make me feel. I’m so used to feeling wound up and hormonal constantly throughout my life. I actually find this chilled laid back feeling quite nice because that was never my character. I was always stress and intense but I’d rather be like this because I feel more at peace.