I was let down.

I’m not going to stand there and be told by others that the services didn’t let me down. I know for a fact that they did let me down. I refuse to be told by those that weren’t there that I wasn’t let down. Other’s didn’t see or experience what went on behind closed doors. Certain professionals within the services will say that I wasn’t let down to protect themselves. I refuse to be told that I’m lying about what happened with my support. The only people who truly know what went on is me and those involved. If people really want to know what my ‘support’ did mostly for me then I will say it right now.

I was taken for a drink down the local café once a week. That was my funded ‘support’. They didn’t do anything else okay. I’m fed up of others accusing me of lying about things when they weren’t there. They only have hear say to go by and the services or local authority aren’t going to be honest in regards to how they’ve let me down if anyone asks them. I didn’t ask anyone to get in trouble for letting me down. I just wish that people would believe me rather than believing my so called support’s version. I never got supported in a way that people with Autism should. I’m sorry but just because others won’t tell the truth, it doesn’t mean that my version is a lie. I have people that can back me up about what my support did and didn’t do.