I think I have to state the purpose of this blog one more time due to assumptions yet again.

I would like to point out that I don’t run this blog to get at anyone else. That was never my intention. I talk about all the times I have been discriminated against. However, it may seem that I’m talking about one thing. This isn’t the case. I’ve been treated badly all my life by different people who don’t understand my PDA type Autism. It is far too complex for me to split everything up when writing about it because it would be too difficult. I don’t have high enough education levels to be able to do that type of writing. That is due to being kicked out of school because they didn’t even know what Autism was at that point. I wasn’t even diagnosed until after I finished school at 16. 

Those that know me are aware that I never retaliate unless I’m pushed really far. In all the situations I’ve been in, they’ve pushed me continually until I’ve snapped back. I wasn’t aware of absolutely anything that was going on behind my back for almost 2 years and if others hadn’t spoken to me via social media then I’d still be in the dark. It isn’t fair to continue to hold someone responsible for things that they weren’t even informed about. I never had an input if I wasn’t told about certain aspects of situations. That is what it is like being in the system. If I’d have known I’m not the type of person that would have continued doing what I was doing because I cared about other people okay.

I cannot get rid of my PDA. That isn’t possible. If I couldn’t walk then I couldn’t get rid of the disability… it is the same difference. Others have to at least try to be a little bit more understanding. I can’t lose my disability by going on a few courses. I can’t lose how my past has affected me through going on a few courses. I’m not trying to get at any one but others refuse to see any progression unless I’ve lost my PDA side. Maybe they should get educated about it before they start giving me a hard time.