Some things that irritate me being female.

I wouldn’t not want to be female but there are certain things I’d wish to change about being female. One thing is obviously the monthlies because mine have gone absolutely ridiculous over the last couple of years. I feel fat today but it’s not fat because I’ve got solid muscles due to exercising (and walking up to 60 miles last week). It’s just water which has even bloated my thighs this month. I don’t normally walk that much or do the exercises that I’ve been doing. I go the Gym normally (really have to go more due to my monthly membership being wasted). It takes time to adjust to new routines. Obviously, the bloat is my body complaining about being pushed that far. It definitely promotes more weight loss if you have a week’s break. I have a lot of revision to do as my law exam is in two weeks. I’m taking this as my break because I’ve got no more time left to learn anything.  

Another thing that really bugs me about being female is guys chatting me up randomly. I am walking down the street today and get approached by an Irish guy. He calls me over to the side of some flats down the local town. I didn’t go too close but followed him. He asks me “Where is your boyfriend?”. I told him I don’t want one. He goes where do you live. I said “Round here but I’m not saying where”. Then he goes ‘Do you want to go for a drink some time?” and I’m like “No”. We then parted and I walked away feeling a little wound up because I really hate that kind of thing. Granted, he had the most beautiful blue eyes but I just have absolutely no interest whatsoever. Even if a woman asked me out I’d still say no. I just don’t have any desires in that department.