These are my qualifications and experience, anyone wish to employ me?

Although I am grateful and enjoy my work at Fledglings. I am unable to afford to do work for free. I don’t mind still doing that in my free time. However, I need a paid job. I would only need a few hours a week to make up how much I’ve lost per month due to PIP issues. I’ve worked in a charity shop many years ago. It’s not work that I enjoyed but it’s experience. I would work in a shop for a few hours a week if I could make up the money that I’ve lost. It’s not a job that I would ideally like to do but money is money at the end of the day. I’ve also modelled in a charity fashion show for sustainable living project back in Cambridgeshire where I previously lived. I had a week’s work experience at the Cambridge Evening News. I struggled with the communication side of it but I’m a lot better nowadays. 

I cannot work more than 16 hours per week otherwise I will lose my other benefits. I can even be paid less than other employees because I’m not allowed to earn more than £125 per week. That is approximately £40 a day if I do only 3 days per week for someone. I’m not sure if my ESA benefit is stable as now PIP (also part of the DWP) has told me that they don’t feel I am disabled enough then they could legally leave me with nothing to live on. I don’t even qualify for income support and I’m in no way able enough to claim job seekers.

I am not going to list every single qualification that I have, only the main ones that are more specific.  I’ve done a lot of things but many aren’t relevant for this. I now have my GCSE’s in English (C), Psychology (C), Sociology (B) and Biology (C). I’m currently at college trying to get my Maths GCSE. I have already got Level 1 Functional Skills in Maths. Other level 2 qualifications include, Equality and Diversity Certificate, ECDL Level 1 and 2 (computer qualification administration based). I have a Level 3 qualification which is a BTEC in Media Production: Film and TV, grades Distinction, Merit, Merit.

I may not remember all of the things I did on my courses. However, all I need is a walk through of my role and I can take it from there. I’m an independent worker and if something needs doing I will work throughout the night to get it finished by the next morning. I’m based in Leicestershire and have a Car (unless at some point I cannot afford it, if not I will be using the bus etc) to get to wherever the job may be). I am always on time for 9 am to 9.30 am in the morning starts. I can get proof of that from college. Ideally I’d like a job in Media or Admin but I’d consider other things. I am probably going to be better at the roles I’ve actually qualified in, but I’ll try anything new.

Well you know where I am if you’re interested. I do not want anyone to abuse my email address so I’m giving one out that isn’t my main one, however I do check it. If you want to give me a job please drop me a line at