Allergy season is well and truly here.

I have hay fever which is something I’m used to which happens every year. I’m not that fussed about that because I’ve had that all my life. I’ve had the bumps all over my hands every year for many years, but this year they seem to be ten times worse. They don’t look too bad on the photo below but they keep going raw with soreness. I’m trying not to scratch them when they itch. I’m feeling quite bloated and swollen. I really shouldn’t be as I’ve walked about 60 miles this week. I should have lost all that bulk. I hope I’m not reacting to my new medication because mentally it’s helping a lot. I’m normally tearful at this time of the month. I don’t feel so lost and emotional. I want to try to stay on them.

Sometimes the allergy goes away after the first fortnight on a medication. It’s not just my stomach that is bloaty but also my thighs. I have actually been up in the morning with this medication. I used to like to sleep throughout the day. I really don’t want to be allergic to medication so I’m hoping that it is the weather and pollen.