Far too hot to move.

I have been out earlier today. It is far too hot for me. I have a rash come up on one hand. The flat where I live is quite cool. It feels like I have air conditioning in here. This is because it is an older property. The more modern one’s get quite hot. I think these flats have been here since the 60s or 70s. I have a utility room (I use as a cupboard) which you don’t get in modern flats. The kitchen (apart from the taps) and bathroom are all mostly the original fittings (including the double sided curtains which were a b*tch to put back together because there are so many hooks everywhere). The boiler is the newest thing here.

I had to get a few more plug sockets put in when I moved in because back when this was built there was not much to plug in. People didn’t have mobile phone charges or laptops. I don’t think they even had computers back then. The computers certainly weren’t what we’re used to now. It is nice to walk into a cool aired place (I call this place a cave), but I actually felt cold earlier. The sun never really gets on the living room because I’m on the ground floor. The sun does heat up my bedroom because that is at the front rather than the back (which has fences around it as it’s a communal garden).

I can barely think straight or move in this heat, let alone revise. I tried to do some earlier but I’m taking nothing in today whatsoever. I’ve drank so much all day but it doesn’t feel like I have as I’m still thirsty. I’m sure that I used to be better in heat than I am now. It’s given me a headache and allergies. I hope it cools down a bit because I have to go over to my Maths lesson tomorrow. Half an hour drive (probably okay in the morning but not coming back) in a boiling car. Half an hour walk after parking up.  I’ve looked at the weather forecast and it does look more bearable tomorrow. 20 degrees rather than 25 degrees is more comfortable to travel and walk in. It’s probably best we make the most of this hot weather because this time next week apparently it is going to be raining.

I went to see why my car was clunking earlier. I need a bit of the suspension mending. It won’t cost too much. I took my Mother with me because she wanted to come as she knows I’m thick when it comes to cars (so is she). She noticed how the guys were looking at me. I was only wearing jeans and a long cut out sleeved top (those of you that know me will know which one I mean). I have got used to it so much that I barely even notice now. Then I hate it when other women think I am intentionally trying to steal guys attention from them. I don’t even want the guys in any of those occasions. I’m certainly no threat to any one in that department. I hate other women doing that when they’re jealous or envious of me getting guys attention.