Tired and hot.

I have just got back in from a very long day going from my probation therapy group, posting my PIP appeal to tribunal, dropping important things in at the council and then having my hair cut. I had to have my hair cut as it was too thick and heavy to leave in that state. It literally starts to weigh my head down. I have just laid on my bed and am falling asleep typing.

I need to do some revision because I’ve not done enough. I’m far too tired to take anything in though. I got woken up at 5am by Dave (a cat) this morning. He was making noises and meowing at me because he wanted food. I couldn’t get back to sleep after putting something down for the cats. I just ended up getting up. I went for an hours walk about half 7 this morning. I am quite bugged by my ever curving/widening figure. I made a decision to have the coil because I’ve had enough of the constant monthly issues.

It’s the only solution that has been offered to me and although it’s not the most pleasant option (also that it has to be changed every 5 years), I really can’t leave things as they are currently. It can get horrendously embarrassing. I can’t go out sometimes because it goes right through my clothes. I don’t get enough warning before it just springs it on me. This way I know that things won’t be able to build up because it’s regulated by the hormones in it. Also, I can’t get pregnant (well, the odd few have been unlucky but generally it works). The doctor is ringing me to discuss and arrange it on Monday.  I’ve looked at information on it and to be quite honest it looks quite scary but the alternative is what I have to put up with at the moment.

I like the warm weather, but one day of Sunny weather and my skin has come out in a rash. It’s nice to have warmer weather but I’m allergic to it.