Sorted a few things out.

The doctor wouldn’t agree with what I wanted, but suggested something else. The coil which can help in that department and it’s reversible. I didn’t particularly want anything reversible. I know that I’ve made up my mind. I’m not like anyone else who tells me that I may regret it. I’m quite strong minded. Once I’ve made up my mind then it’s firmly made up. I don’t change my decision that often. There are a lot of people who do not like this aspect of me. I have booked an appointment to have it done but it’s going to be quite a while away because of the availability of appointments verses my cycle. I know what dates I’m going to not be able to have it done but I can’t get an appointment until that time. I will ring up and see if I can squeeze in but I am very much doubtful that I’ll be able to do that.

I’ve gone on a new anti depressant and I’ve also got to go for another blood test to check a variety of different things which could be making me exhausted. The PIP tribunal form is also filled in and ready to send tomorrow. I did some revision but not a lot. I wasn’t in the mood to do anything today, so it’s a wonder I actually did what I got done. I feel slightly sick on the new medication because that is how it makes you feel at first.

Another really annoying thing is the fact that I’ve walked so much over the past week and done that abs app but I’ve gained and it won’t go back down. I don’t know what is wrong with my body. It has got to a stage where it refuses to shrink. I’ve chucked those Solpadine things away as I’m sure they are weight gaining. I can’t take them anymore because they are crap rubbish that only bloats my stomach and makes me feel huge.