On the subject of ‘home truths’.

I am aware of things which wasn’t previously known to me. There have been plenty of people trying to point out ‘home truths’ to me without even knowing me properly as a person. I’m now going to point out a few home truths to those that got at me last year. I genuinely didn’t know any better, but I am pretty sure that those that laid into me had no reasoning for their awful behaviour. I found out that some of those laying into me have a reputation of their own. I have heard that they are nothing but bullies. I don’t care if some of them are related to the other person. Someone needs to say these things. I’m sure that they probably don’t even care about the other person even if they’re related because all they did was take information and proceed to fuel the situation even more.

They never gave a sh*t that they were upsetting their relative by feeding ‘twisted truths’ to them. Journalists like that make me sick, you’re scum and should be ashamed of yourselves. I don’t care if I say anything that upsets them because them and a whole group of twitter trolls nearly pushed me to commit suicide mid last year. I never went out to bully anyone. I just wanted a friend and didn’t know how to do it without sounding wrong because of my disability issues. I said things to the other person that wasn’t pleasant because the university opportunity was such an important thing to me. I knew what kind of life I’d have to go back to after losing that opportunity and it made me very upset. 

I am aware of how this stuff works because I had two half sisters and a Mother that were jealous of me so they treated me like I was defective. I was always put down and not allowed to live up to my full potential because that would mean I was more intelligent or better looking than them. If I’d have got the help and nurturing that I needed from a child then I would have done better than they’d ever done and this would make them jealous. I grew up to decide that I was never going to dull myself down so that I wouldn’t get treated in that way. I haven’t got over my confidence issues because what has happened did cause damage to me. I react strongly to things because of the way people around me treated me as a youngster. It’s a form of self protection because you want to get in there before someone else hurts you to protect yourself. 

I despise bullies after constantly being bullied from a child. These people that troll don’t have photographs of themselves on their profiles. There is no trace of their identities on a google search. I’ve only found out information through the old fashioned method of asking around within the local city. I now know the things that others have done in their past and they have the cheek to lay into me. They are nothing but bullies and liars. I’ve heard these things from more than one person, therefore it’s not just coming from someone who has perhaps fallen out with them. Maybe I’m a freak but at least I’m not nasty and uncaring.