Voicing my opinions officially. Including a few legal points for disabled parents.

Last night I spent the whole night drafting handwritten (not got a printer) letters to our MP (it’s the process, of politically raising an issue. I know he isn’t really that forceful when it comes to taking up issues for constituents). I have also written to the Prime Minister, Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn. I was very tired. This meant that by the time I’d written the letter up in best, my handwriting had turned into a spidery scribble. It’s still legible though which is the main essential thing needed to get my point across. I used facts and figures to back up the points too. After PIP’s letter yesterday, I just got so fed up of being treated so horrendously by the system.

I put the whole of my experiences in that letter. I kept the points brief because if I went into depth, the letters would be far too long. I’ve always had major issues with waffling on. I still do it when I’m in a very annoyed mood about certain things. I don’t want to bore whoever reads the letters so that they completely miss the point that I’m trying to impart. I’m definitely going to have to get as much assistance as possible with these benefit issues because they are confusing. I find it hard to understand things at the best of times because of my learning disability side, let alone something which is generally extremely complex matters to most people without an intellectual issue. I’ve put the local law advice centre’s number into my phone. I’m going to call them to make an appointment because I’ve heard that the citizens advice place isn’t that great in our locality.

I just made it quite clear how I’d like some form of understanding as a disabled person. I don’t appreciate having been punished for my disability, especially when I was acting out because of how I was treated, or told that my disability doesn’t exist due to the fact that it cannot be ‘seen’. I do not feel that it is fair that my son was placed for adoption because children’s services legally discriminated against me by using all aspects of Autism (even traits I haven’t got) in a court to prove the balance of probabilities in their favour to get a care and adoption order for my son in the first place. I had no defence because I could not show that I hadn’t got certain traits and the assessments they do are bias as, 9 times out of 10, if your baby (under 5’s are most at risk of being taken from disabled parents) is wanted for an adoption plan then the assessments mirror children’s services ‘concerns’. The loopholes for legalised discrimination has to be closed.

I was talking to someone who has MS which has left them wheelchair bound. They campaign to change the laws so that children of disabled parents are not the highest percent taken and placed for adoption. It is a form of eugenics and it was started by Blair’s government back in the 90s (a person that everyone knows I firmly have a very strong dislike of because of things their government enacted and who I feel should be banned from all political jobs). I tried to request a freedom of information from our local council about the figures of children removed from parents diagnosed with a form of disability. They refused to give me the information informing me that it would cost far too much in regards to collating the requested information.

I also got a high court judge renowned for his scrutiny of child protection services placed over here from the Coventry and Warwickshire Area. I wrote to him because I submitted my case to that area. I knew they’d have to transfer it over with the request. He is now based in this area on a permanent basis and since stopped a child of a Down Syndrome couple being placed for adoption that got taken into care by the city’s children’s services department (this made headline news in the local paper). Unfortunately, the local authority had just placed my son so I had got the judge involved in my case far too late. It is essential that disabled parents stop the process before the child is placed. The law was changed shortly after my son’s adoption to timetable child protection cases for a time scale of 26 weeks which gives disabled parents even less time to fight for their child back. The legal aid solicitors are misleading. They agree with the local authority solicitor.

Therefore, I’d advise disabled parents to insist that they oppose every interim care order and to insist that they check that evidence for their side is submitted into court bundles at regular intervals. In many of our cases a whole section of evidence we put forward supporting our side of our child’s cases were ‘lost’. We all realised too late because none of us were ever shown the whole bundles until the final hearing for the placement order (which is their legal permission granted by a court to place them with adopters). In regards to section 20 voluntary care agreements. The solicitors under the legal aid system will advise you to sign them. Children’s service’s social workers will be saying to you that you do not have a choice in the matter. They will be giving you the option, either sign it or they will make an emergency application to court for an emergency protection order. This enables them to take the child into care for a short amount of time and then they will go for an interim care order every 28 days whilst the child is in foster care. I wish I’d been aware of this terrible system before having my son. I wouldn’t have signed the section 20 on the legal aid solicitors advice. Also, do not give them permission to access your historical notes stored on the system. This isn’t to ‘help offer support’, but is in fact accessed to build a case to get your child on the a pre-birth plan.

Now that I have shared the facts above. I hope that those which judged me can finally see why I was so messed up after all this happened to me. However, probably they will still see me in an awful light. I’ve read some of the comments between them and others on social networks. The whole group of them seem like a lynch squad that targets anyone that acts a bit different and makes very judgemental comments. I’d just like others to consider how it feels to go to the lengths I did above but not be able to stop myself losing my child to adoption. It is absolutely soul destroying. Those that think it’s easy to move on and not hurt are perhaps made of stone. I’m not that strong.

I had my heart ripped out and no one understood why I was so clingy. The way I was so snappy with others if I felt betrayed or let down in any shape or form. I will always be annoyed at how I was treated by others. If there is any more information others think I should know, I can assure others that there will never be a right time to tell me. I remain feeling humiliated and very untrusting of people by the other person’s actions. I firmly do NOT believe that they stuck up for me. I can’t believe that after all that I’ve been subjected to and continue to have to deal with because of the indefinite order, permanent exclusion and had some very traumatising things said to me by those that know them. I never meant anything that happened. I was a mess and even I couldn’t even admit that to myself at the time. I hate myself for hurting someone else I cared about and I will never let go of that. I feel like I’m an evil person equivalent to the devil in human form.