Not had any sleep, cold kept me awake….

I never did get to sleep last night as every time I laid down my nose filled up. I spent most of the night blowing my nose. I don’t understand how it could go away all week. However, I still didn’t sleep for other reasons throughout the week. I still can’t sit still for long without my nose blocking up. I can’t find any vick vapour stuff, and I’m not even at home because I’m waiting around in the location where my car bumper is getting repaired. I probably shouldn’t be out like this because I’m just going to end up a lot worse since I got wet in the process as the weather is quite miserable. I couldn’t even be bothered with my hair this morning. It was already in a pony tail last night. I just brushed it and put it back up because I feel like crap. I can’t be bothered with hair today. I can’t leave it down because it will get it all in my face when I try to blow my nose. I’d love to go home to sleep but apparently the car won’t be finished until lunch time. I wouldn’t have gone out today if I hadn’t previously booked the car in. I’ve already cancelled once due to anxiety related issues.

The most ridiculous thing about anxiety associated with my Autism is actually harder for me to function with than any physical illness. I have just looked in the mirror and I look extremely pale. I woke up with achy legs which I’ve never had with a cold before, so I’m quite sure this may be turning into the flu. I literally nearly fell over just now. I can handle physical illness. I’m like I feel like utter crap but I’m absolutely fine coping with it here. I think that I’ll be sitting down a lot today before I fall down though. I don’t understand how anxiety is so debilitating but I can walk around like this having not had any sleep, albeit feeling awful, without it feeling so bad. I may try to go to my college lesson tomorrow providing that I get some sleep tonight. If I don’t sleep I’ve already decided I’m not going. There is no way that I can do a Maths lesson and walk from where I park my car if I do not get some sleep.