Enjoyed resting today, well most of it was okay!

I ended up sleeping in today. I did need it though because I was very tired and also trying to compete with the cold I felt coming on. Great news on the cold front though. I think I have managed to get rid of my cold. I feel so much better. I’ve also been on a two hour walk today. I’m able to put my nose stud back in because my nose has finally stopped running like mad. I normally have colds for approximately 2 weeks. I can still feel a bit of it but I used to get them quite severely. I feel one coming on now and I’m trying to prevent it getting to the point it used to end up. I’ve tried to get ‘fitter’ and that has helped fight things off. I dread getting something like Flu because if colds got as bad as they did for me, then the Flu would probably be severe too.

I get allergies too. I have to walk through the fields when I walk to the Supermarket and back. I had watery eyes when I walked passed the fields. It’s going to be worse when that rapeseed (yellow) plant is flowering. It’s like I have a cold when that flowers. I  can’t wear make up at that time because my eyes are so watery, mascara etc ends up all over my face. I’m allergic to the sun too. I get prickly heat rashes after being in the sun. I’ve found that worse when I have been near grass. I went to a music festival thing down south once and we sat on the grass. That night I came home and noticed that all my arms had come up in prickly heat type red rash, which looked like a burn because parts of it was blistering. I get those types of rashes sometimes and if others notice them I have to explain that it is allergies. 

I tried to do revision but I cannot spend too long on it at once as my brain stops learning. I can read things over again and again but after an hour of reading flashcards etc it simply doesn’t go in any longer. I remember down right stupid facts more easily. For Example: R v Young, a jury had to stay in a hotel over night because of a case going on for more than a day. They used a Ouija board to try to contact the deceased to ask them who murdered them. Apparently, the jury members did this because they were unable to work out who the murderer was from the facts that had been presented to them.  Then there was a civil case of contributory negligence between Sayers v Harlow, the claimant had got locked in the toilet cubical. Unable to get out, she decided to try to climb out stepping on a toilet roll holder. Unfortunately the toilet roll holder broke during her attempts to climb out of the cubical. Consequently, she fell and broke her ankle. It was ruled that she couldn’t claim complete negligence on the defendants part because she had made the decision to climb on the toilet roll holder. Subsequently, she was awarded only 25% of damages due to her contribution to the injury that she had sustained.

I still can’t remember the qualifications needed for solicitors and barristers. It’s just not easy. I’m hoping a question doesn’t come up in the exam paper in regards to this in Unit 1 because it isn’t one of my stronger points. If I keep looking through my flashcards I am hoping that it will sink in, most of the other information has sunk in.

As I said in the title of this entry, most of my day was okay…. apart from the fact that the new phone, which I’ve only just bought, is now broken. I was bending down to do up my shoelace while I was on my walk. It fell out of my pocket and landed screen first on to the pavement. It’s cracked on the side of the top and down the edge. I swear that it is splintering further. It’s worse because it isn’t even paid for yet. I would really appreciate it if someone could give money to my justgiving page. It’s going to cost me £75 and I still haven’t got PIP sorted yet. I don’t know if I’m even going to win my appeals with PIP yet. The link to my page is https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/pda-adult-life