Anxiety and how to attempt to get rid of a cold (well hopefully, if it works).

I went to the Gym tonight. I was going to wait until tomorrow but I was passing the place. I feel quite lazy if I am passing the Gym but don’t use it. I haven’t been for a fortnight. I do try but I can’t because I’m not a fitness type person enough to justify my twenty five quid a month membership. I want to keep my figure but I’m just not into it that much. I also went because I’m getting a cold. I’m already quite sore and uncomfortable. I know if it got worse I couldn’t do it because I felt awful enough tonight. Since I got back my throat is feeling like sandpaper. It’s that sore feeling you get when you’re about to get a full blown cold come out. I normally get them for two weeks so I’m really hoping I’ve done enough to shorten the length of it at least. I’ve heard that you can ‘sweat out’ the cold virus. I was putting that to the test. The cold was making me sweat more than normal. I’ve felt sweaty just doing normal every day things today. I came back home after the Gym. Obviously, I needed a bath, so I put detox salts in the Bath to encourage the cold virus out of my skin. I made the water hot enough to sweat so that it worked better. I still feel terrible but I am very tired.

It’s annoying when my anxiety randomly kicks off. I can read the smallest of things and my head goes into ‘oh my god what is going to be thrown at me next’ mode. I browse the daily horoscopes every night before I fall asleep. It says on today’s that I am going to be ‘taken off guard by a plan presented by a different generation. They may have already gained support of a close companion, – leaving you wondering what else they have been discussing behind your back. It may be that they have been trying to avoid worrying you unnecessarily’.  Then in the other horoscope I read it says ‘A steep learning curve could present itself shortly. This could require plenty of discipline on your part to get to grips with. That’s why you’d be wise to start pacing yourself now if you’re to learn something in the gradual, rather than hasty, way it needs to be learned. You’re about to start finding certain answers that have been elusive recently. All you need to do is be open-minded and process all information as it arrives’. The smallest thing can absolutely set my anxiety off to an extreme level. I’m trying my best. I can’t possibly do any more. I have a disability that people just can’t accept. They don’t see that certain things go against the workings of my brain. And, also, I’m more likely to worry if I’m not fully informed of anything that is being discussed behind my back.