Changing my mind, never going to pass these exams and D-I-Y life.

I’ve been revising for my GCSE Law exam. I am quite confident that I will fail because I’m not able to remember the details. I can only try my best on the day of the exams and try to recall the information it’s asking me about. That part is easiest. I can do that for most things apart from when they ask you about the details in regards to lay people and legal professional, e.g which judge hears what type of case and qualification steps of solicitors and barristers, details (I just can’t remember them).

Then they throw in some scenario questions which can be either from civil or criminal law perspectives and ask us to advise them. A lot of them are rather complex and on the grim end of the scale. There was one about a group of people on a night out. One of them was a couple and the other two were friends (one being the ex of the woman in the couple). A fight breaks out between the new boyfriend and the ex. The ex swings a stick at the current boyfriend, misses because the ex boyfriend ducked out of the way and hits his girlfriend (this is known as transferred malice in legal terms). The girlfriend later dies in hospital. But, there is a twist in this scenario, the female friend that was hanging out with them took the purse for ‘safe keeping’. She stole the £100 that was in the purse and then left it at the hospital. You have several crimes being committed in one very complex situation. ABH/GBH from the fight that broke out between current and ex boyfriend. Potential GBH which ended up in Murder because she died. However, taking the mens rea thing into account his charge will most likely end up as ~Unlawful Act Manslaughter. This could be Murder if they take the transferred malice aspect into account. He was intending serious harm toward the ex otherwise he wouldn’t have been hurling a metal rod like object in the ex’s direction. Regardless who he ended up smashing in the head and fatally injuring, his intention was to cause serious harm. The subjective test and the objective test would really cast him in a very negative light. It would definitely be seen as reckless. He had already caused injury to the ex boyfriend before proceeding to picked up the metal rod. Then the friend has committed theft (dishonestly appropriating property belonging to another with the intention of permanently depriving the other of it), but as the girlfriend died, there is actually no proof because only she would have known it was there. She gave the purse back, but took the money. It’s extremely difficult because there is always several things going on at once.

I haven’t even touched the details needed to gain top marks. I need to remember the difference between GBH S.18 (intending serious harm) and GBH S.20 (without intent). ABH S.47. All part of the OAPA 1861. The definitions are so difficult to remember. I’m afraid that I won’t pass (which is a C grade in GCSE). Others are telling me not to doubt myself because I can quote parts of the law back at them to the point where I sound like a lawyer. I can also watch TV programmes (e.g. Coronation Street the other week) and say exactly what might happen, and been right. Quoting things I’ve learned and answering specific questions that I’ve never seen before isn’t the same thing. I do doubt myself a lot because I don’t have a lot of confidence after things that have happened. That’s going to take a long time to get back. I won’t trust people for the rest of my life. I tried to tell people that I had been bullied but all they did was punish me for reacting. I wish that someone had listened and believed me. Granted, I shouldn’t have had melt downs and been a horrible cow because people didn’t listen to me. I was younger and more immature then. I’d been through a hell of a lot and was suffering more than I ever knew at the time.

I also decided that it would be a good idea to trim my own hair ends. I didn’t make a mess of it. I only took off the very ends because of bleach damage. Those ends will just snap right up the hair if I leave them there. It is hard to cut my own hair because it is quite wavy, especially on one side (very annoying). I haven’t got the money to have it trimmed at the hairdressers and I certainly couldn’t leave those split ends on there because all my hair would have just gradually snapped. It isn’t easy going blond. I’ve learned from doing it before that every dodgy end needs to be sorted out otherwise my hair won’t ever grow long. Anything that could split upwards has to be removed, that is the only way to keep length.