Month: April 2018

  • Migraine :(

    I had quite a decent entry planned for the blog today. Until I woke up with a migraine this morning. It feels a bit better now after going for a long walk. I feel like someone has smacked me on one side of my head. I can’t think straight enough to do intelligent sounding entries […]

  • Just so tired of life. I need a break from my own head.

    I’m not even depressed. I’m just genuinely tired of life. I just want a break but I can’t right now. I wish that I could just pause life and go off for a few weeks. I’m worn out feeling guilty about the past when I wasn’t on medication and did some awful things. I get […]

  • Adjusting to things isn’t easy. The medication option was the only ever viable path for me.

    I’m exercising on a daily basis (not walked in the last two days because of the horrendous weather). I feel a bit more toned but I’m not consistently losing weight. I constantly yo yo but that is definitely hormonal because it’s nearly ‘that time’ for me. I’m doing better than I normally do. I gain […]

  • Expensive day.

    I can’t believe how much it cost me to print out one practice question paper for Unit one of the law gcse exam. £3.25 for 25 sheets (double sided too because I set them like that to cut the cost a bit). I cannot afford to print unit 2 out today. I don’t have the […]

  • One of those days.

    I wasn’t even keen on going out today. I should have gone to my Maths lesson but woke up about half 4 this morning feeling terrible. I sometimes just do not feel up to going out to be around people. That is me on the worse days in regards to living with my disability. I’m […]