I have the worse memory ever/ playing with my pendulum.

I have revised my GCSE law folder so much but I do not remember a thing! I also get distracted by stupid things, such as I found my pendulum today. I haven’t used it for a very long time. I shouldn’t use it when I’m busy because I get nothing done. I was just asking it a few questions. I asked it if the restraining order would ever get removed. It was a No. It looks like I’m going to be punished for life. I knew it, but I wanted confirmation.

Anyway, after all I’ve been through with people labelling me as things that I’m not, I have now decided to be single for life. I like being on my own because I feel more secure rather than being around people who 9 times out of 10 either treat me differently because of my disability traits or screw me over. The pendulum also told me that the other person involved in the situation hated me. You ask a question and it says yes or no to it. Only real question is, do they hate me because of their ‘mates’ adding fuel to the fire, or specifically for what I actually did?  I know that when I asked the pendulum things before third party involvement it came up more positive. The other person should watch who their related to or even close too very carefully. That is far too complex to ask a pendulum. Some people also just dislike someone who is connected with things they see as ‘weird’. As I said before, I didn’t chose to be involved in this stuff, it chose me from a very young age. I always felt things and dreamed things. I couldn’t live in denial by denying all that I experienced.

The numbers thing is getting quite annoying again now. I saw 7777 and 777 on car number plates yesterday. I saw 222, 444 and two cars with 999 (in the same queue of traffic) on their number plates today. I saw 2020 on the clock for the last few nights.  It went quite quiet for a while but now I’m seeing them more than ever before and different sequences.