One of those days but at least my hair didn’t turn out too badly.

I woke up this morning after having very little sleep. That was my own fault though because I decided to bleach my hair at a stupid hour last night. It takes nearly 3 hours to do the whole bleaching process. It takes a long time to put bleach on hair as thick as mine, especially on my own. I have to have two boxes on my hair because it just doesn’t cover the whole lot of it if I only buy one box. I will probably have to use about four boxes of bleach if it grows down to my bum (as I’ve always wanted it to for a long time). I’m gradually building the colour up because if I keep doing it too much it will ruin my hair. I’ve left it about a fortnight (ideally you should leave it longer but I have been keeping it very conditioned and put coconut oil through it to make it quite moisturised before bleaching).

I would have left it longer but for the fact it was going dark again. The first time the bleach went a bit diluted because the powder stayed in that form so I had to add water to it. That kind of stopped the bleach lightening up to 8 times from the base colour (says on the box). The one I put on last night lifted about 4 to 6 tones (very weak lifting agent). I will definitely need the up to 8 levels bleach next time to phase out the ginger and lift the dark parts which have got missed on this occasion. I’m not using that first brand again though because the bleach didn’t mix properly. I do not recommend this to those thinking that experimenting with bleach is a good idea. It most definitely isn’t. I’ve made sure that most of my hair has not snapped. However ,there are still some ends that didn’t survive. The key is keeping it in reasonable condition by using conditioning treatments and oils to prevent split ends. Here is my attempt so far:


I wasn’t too happy when I got up to find that at some point my hairdryer has been stolen. I barely ever use it. I wasn’t wanting to straighten my hair today (because it isn’t a good idea when you’ve just bleached it), but I was given no choice because someone took my hairdryer. I barely use it so I haven’t a clue when it was taken or who did it. But, definitely. no one is coming in to my flat again. I know exactly where it was because it is always put in a particular place. I never move it.

I walked to the supermarket and back this afternoon to get my weekly food shop. I feel better for that. I’m extremely tired though. I have also had a phone number (mobile number ending 44) keep ringing my landline on and off for a few years. I go to pick it up and the line drops out. It started about the time I was at the university and everything started kicking off. I no longer have the same mobile number because I’ve changed it since then. I had withheld numbers call that and I’d pick it up and the person never spoke at the other end. I would like to request that whoever keeps ringing my landline and hanging up to stop doing it. Unless they’re attempting to sort the whole situation out for me, otherwise I’m not interested.