I’m not being ‘lazy’, I need this ‘me’ time.

I’ve done a lot of things today. The cat’s litter has been changed. I went for a walk. I washed up and did other bits around the flat. And it’s also one of my days on the rota at Fledglings too (I space out my days, Monday, Wednesday and Friday). I did sleep in until late, after getting up at half 10 for my breakfast, because I was just exhausted. It is the most annoying thing to wake up just as exhausted as you were the night before when you went to sleep. I woke up actually feeling like I’d had no sleep.

People may see some of the things I do as laziness, but it’s not. I need this me time to recharge myself. If I tried to keep going (which I have on occasions) I then end up completely exhausted to the point where I am nearly in tears. That is why I space my rota days on fledglings out and also why if I do manage to get a job at some point then I’ll only be able to do part time hours. Again, that will only be 2 to 3 days a week depending on the job (whether your hours are weekday or weekends included). I study until quite late because going to bed before midnight seems quite wrong to me. I was awake past midnight last night because I didn’t get home until late and then by the time I’d had a bath it was about 1am. However, I do remember sleeping quite quickly because I was that tired after getting woken up at 7 am.

As an autistic person, I shouldn’t be able to multi task. But, I’m doing this right now. I’m posting feedback on fledgling wings (groups) posts. That has taken a lot of practice though. I have so many things I’ve committed myself to, that most of the time it saves time to multi task flitting from one thing to another. I’m going to be starting something else in the summer. I have spoken to a friend I made at a jewellery class last year. She’s also keen on the starting up an online store to make and sell our own jewellery online. She still goes to the classes and I started the classes when I was living in Cambridgeshire. I’ve got a book out of the library with 80 simple designs for jewellery. I’m going to look at them and enhance them into unique designs. I’m going for the alternative smart but out there look. Her designs are different (a lot less alternative) but if we put those designs together on one website, then we will be able to appeal to a wide range of audiences. I really am keen on creating the Emma-Lucy Jewellery line. Those that used to bully me at school and all those that have picked on me for being different may well be walking around in a few years time wearing the Emma-Lucy Jewellery range.