Long day and done a lot more than I expected.

I have been awake since 7 a.m. It wasn’t by choice because I had a mate come over asking me for a lift urgently. I wasn’t that happy to see them because I’d only had 2 – 3 hours sleep last night. I was studying until late after getting home late and then wrote a blog entry later on. I don’t remember sleeping until about 4 am. I’m not going to go into the details but I went out in my PJs with my coat on underneath. Anyway I know absolutely nothing into the details of their life or their business. I have a rule in regards to the fact that I do not ask questions about aspects of the lives of others I associate with because then I cannot be dragged into something. It is the safest option. The only objection I have is when someone does whatever they decide to do under my roof. I don’t allow that because I do not want to lose my flat lease. I just keep my life separate from others because no one can really interfere with my life if I don’t allow certain boundaries to be crossed. I also don’t trust anyone, so my walls are firmly up. However, I will help people out if they need help because I’m that kind of person.

I decided that I was too awake when I got back to go back to bed when I got back home.  I got up and started tidying the flat. I washed my hair, put a face clay mask on (skin feels so much better for it), completed my Maths homework and then went for an hours walk (yes it was absolutely freezing out there). I thought as I am up I may as well get on with the things I needed to do because the cold air had completely woken me up. I’ve felt really reluctant to do anything over the last few days. I was just too exhausted to do anything. As I said, I just felt like giving up because everything seems too much at times. I’m not always like this but sometimes I just get to the point where I get over tired because I feel things around me so strongly. I can’t concentrate when I’m like that and nothing seems to get done.

I’m going to be exhausted by tonight because I’ve been busy all day. I will probably reset my sleep pattern anyway. That never lasts long though because I work on revision and my online voluntary job quite late at night sometimes.