I may not be around much for a while.

Please can I ask new readers of the blog to read previous entries for the time being as I will not be around much. I looked over various things today and realised that I have exactly 8 weeks (2 months today) until my GCSE law exams. I am in no means prepared. I need to seriously start getting organised now. I don’t know enough to pass yet and need to study the question papers from now until my exams in 8 weeks.

It kind of spaces things out nicely for me because then I have another 8 weeks after my law exams to focus on parts of the level 2 maths I need to brush up on so that I can pass that. I am planning to go to the pre level 2 maths class as well as the level 2 class after May (providing it is still on). I can’t go to that yet because my therapy groups are still on until at least April. I was organising my diary earlier. I do not normally work so organised and efficiently. This is definitely not going to last long.

I have been the Gym today. I was going to go yesterday because I was exhausted last night. I got up later this morning and felt better. I was extremely tearful last night because of being that tired. I wish that I could feel happier but I’m still not over everything that has happened yet. Again, I would just like to point out that this blog was never made to get at any one else. I do not care what others may think. They don’t know me or my real intentions. I just want to push for changes in the system by sharing my own experiences. I have absolutely no negative feelings towards anyone else. I am still not over certain things that have occurred because they hurt me. There were things that were said by others which personally hurt me because of my life circumstances. I will leave it there for now. I will be back in a few months.