The most random day :/

I have been on a walk already today but I will be going the Gym later so I only walked for about an hour. The weather is awful anyway. I also got followed by a random guy on the far side of town. He asked me if I knee anyone that sold weed. I did attempt to avoid him because he was loud and scary. But I had a brilliant answer for him. I said that I didn’t but I’m sure sure if he asked around enough in that area he was sure to find someone that knew a weed dealer.

And no I do not smoke that. I’ve read that it can help forms of Autism and down South I did try it once. I know enough people that do smoke it. Therefore, it would be easy for me to try some of theirs but I see it as a gateway drug to other things a lot more dangerous. Drugs do prematurely age a person. I’ve seen it happen to others and I’m not keen on those side effects. I love the chilled out feeling that a joint gave me when I did try it back in college (it was part of being ‘in’ with the ‘alternative’ students). Most of those that have been into hard drugs like cocaine see weed (or cannabis whatever you wish to call it) not as a drug. The effects of that drug is barely noticeable to those that have had addictions to harder drugs. I also am quite bugged by the fact that I know the person that stole money off of me is alcoholic dependent and will have gone and blown money that I couldn’t afford to spare on booze. I can’t say other aspects of their circumstances on a public blog. However, there are other reasons why I don’t trust them. It isn’t the best area to live in as a ‘vulnerable adult’ because there is so much trouble and this area is certainly not peaceful whatsoever. It is something that I’ve got use to however and I keep everyone out of my flat. I know a lot of people but I refuse to be dragged into things by association. I keep my life completely separate to whatever others are doing around here. I can assure anyone that makes an assumption that I am not in any way linked to anything dodgy around here. I’m intelligent enough to keep myself out of it nowadays. I never used to be, but my experiences have made me a lot more reserved when it comes to letting others in my space.

I’ve picked up my evidence for PIP appeal from my GP surgery today on my walk. I’m hoping that I’m going to be successful in my appeal but I am very sceptical that this will actually happen. If I had a choice I’d go out and get a job but with my record I haven’t got a hope in hells chance of securing employment. I am going to ask to be referred to the programme that gives offenders work experience which sometimes leads to full employment depending on their performance etc.

I’m still not well because my stomach is not quite right yet. It is sore on and off and really bloated. I’m hoping that I’m well enough to go the Gym because I’ve not been in a week. I’m trying to go twice a week but I’ve been extremely busy. Last week went passed quite fast. It is the beginning of this week and I’m already extremely tired. I didn’t sleep until late last night because I was revising for my exams. I try to do some every few days but I learn more at night. I’m just a night person but there is no way I can burn the candles at both ends much anymore. I used to be able to stay awake 24/7 for a few days, but now I’m aging and need more sleep due to all the sleep I’ve not had during my life. I feel like I’ve banged or strained my arm but I can’t remember doing it. I’m clumsy in general so I’m never sure where I get random bruises from. I’m the type of person that can literally fall over my own feet. I should really not carry heavy shopping bags with me either because I had back ache after that. That may be how I have strained my arm too. It all helps in the quest to ‘slim’ though. I don’t want to be heavier, it’s not me. I have to go because I have things to do.