Glad to finally get into bed! Early night for me.

This week has felt very long! I am completely exhausted tonight. I’ve done all my Maths homework so all I have to do now is something that I’ve missed due to not getting there last week. I also have my Law GCSE stuff to catch up on. That will be just about reading notes back to myself soon and trying practice papers. I’m on the rota for fledglings today but I don’t think I can stay awake long enough to do feedback on others work tonight. I’ve let in a few group members and welcomed them today so I have done something. I have a load of housework to do when I get up because I couldn’t do those bits yesterday due to the migraine I had. It literally knocked me out.  I was asleep most of yesterday.

I still don’t feel right. I have had an extremely sore stomach kicking off all day. I am also bloated and feel full. I’ve barely eaten today because I just have no hunger feelings at all. I admit that I’ve got down about weight gain enough to not eat a lot. I don’t even get hungry now so I must have shrunk my stomach with limiting what I ate. I can’t eat normal non gluten free bread anymore without expanding quite a bit. I’ve been informed by a friend that there is a stomach bug going around. I was nearly sick this morning when I got up. I’m hoping it is that rather than what else it could be. I’ve been taking that Solpadine painkiller way too long for many years and they do eventually cause ulcers. I’ve been lucky so far but I’ve been pushing my luck for a long time. I’ve ran out of them yesterday but I went through a whole box of 32 in 4 days. I tried to stick to one dosage per day but I relied on them more and more.  I’m definitely ill because I feel horrible. I put on a brave face but underneath I know there’s something wrong. I’m just too tired right now.