Epic walk today! And, making provisions to keep a roof over my head.

I walked to my therapy group today. I had to then walk to the council offices because I had to see someone about my rent increase in order to claim the extra housing benefit. I also need to put myself back on the council list because I’m still not sure if my landlord will decide to sell the flat.

I think that eventually he will decide that financially it will be better off to sell it. I don’t feel secure on a monthly rolling contract. I was told by my landlord that I’d get 3 months notice before I was expected to leave if he did decide to sell it. Legally he could spring a notice to quit on me and only give me a few weeks to find a place, pack every thing and move out. That is the predicament a monthly rolling contract puts a tenant in. I am aware that his long term plans are to sell it.

I don’t need the worry of not having a place to live alongside all these benefit changes. I’m about to appeal the refusal for PIP. I honestly do not feel that I will get it back though. I would love to go out to work to earn the extra I got under DLA. However, no one will employ me with my record. I do have my therapy certificates to show I’ve worked on my issues. I know that it takes one opportunity to break free of the label. I’m also well aware that it’s quite hard to come by.

Anyway, after I went the council offices I walked back home via Asda to get a few bits I needed. And then walked the last few miles with two bags of shopping. I walked approximately 12 miles in total. I know this only because my mobile has a fitness tracker installed. I also burnt 837 calories. And now I’m needing a nap because I have a migraine coming on. I get them more when I haven’t slept a lot. I am tired but nightmares are making me want to sleep as little as possible.