I love my new accidental hair colour :)

I decided to just bleach my hair despite the red still left in it. It isn’t perfect but I think it actually turned out better than if it had bleached those red parts out. It’s now natural looking blond with bright bits of red and brown mixed in. I would describe it as fire flame effect. It doesn’t look awful though. I know that it sounds kind of gone wrong. There is never an attempt (unless you go hairdressers) where you get a perfect result in one bleach session. I actually like this result better than I would if it had just bleached it. I’m sure that this is due to the person that I am. I like messing with colours and sometimes the best results are those that are an accident. I just wasn’t born to blend in.

I always think my natural colour is so boring. I know it is better for your hair if you don’t dye it. I just don’t feel like natural colour is for me. And, since I have started getting the odd few grey hairs popping through, my natural hair seems to be much better with colour. Natural grey hair is quite stiff so it will never soften naturally without help. Grey hair is also a b*tch to dye darker colours. They blend in if you bleach all the hair. I’m no beauty expert. The first time I bleached my hair down south, I made such a mess of it. The trick is to get the balance right between colour and potentially frying hair with chemicals. I do prefer blond but it suits me more natural because I’m quite pale and don’t wear a lot of make up. I found it difficult to blend in the roots when I was as blond as it was possible to go. I have missed a few bits of roots but it blends in at the moment.

It ended up as more of a bleach bath because the lightening cream didn’t turn the powder to liquid properly. I had to add a tiny bit of water (you can do that and it will still work and quite frankly when it wasn’t mixing properly and coming out as powder still). It is quite a lot kinder on your hair to bleach bath (dilute the mixture). I’ve messed it up many times. I know what I’m talking about. I used to be an absolute walking disaster with bleach. I’d get it all down my clothes and completely fry my hair ending up with it actually going nearly yellow because I overdid it. I’m always going to have a yellow issue with the red tones being in the base of my hair. I’m not ginger, but I have a natural red tinge in my hair. It is possible to tone that yellow out if you know whether to buy blue or purple shampoo to take it either cooler or warmer. It needs to be cooler to tone out yellow. That would be blue shampoo (I think, also known as violet). Please do not try any experiments with hair colouring without looking that up first. I do not want to be responsible for a load of hair bleaching disasters.

Disclaimer: I can experiment with my hair and if it falls out or breaks off then it’s my fault. I don’t want to be responsible for anyone else’s doing that. I have super thick hair which withstands a hell of a lot of messing before it finally snaps and tells me to go do one. Since getting grey bits I’ve noticed they aren’t as forgiving because they’re quite stiff and at times brittle because they are drier and coarser compared to my non grey hair strands. I have experience of complete bleach disasters as a youngster throughout my twenties. I know when to stop now before it completely destroys my hair. One piece of really important advice is that you should never keep messing with your hair. I actually used to twiddle the ends (still do sometimes) when I was anxious or nervous. It’s hard not to but I try to distract myself so I don’t do that.

I need to go now because I’m falling asleep typing. I didn’t have a nap this afternoon when I got home. That is unusual, but I just couldn’t settle. I’m like that at the moment. I barely sleep and can still get up at stupid ‘o’ clock. I also can’t eat a lot right now. I’m just not hungry. I managed to have a few rice cakes (attempting to eat healthy things) and a few chocolate digestive biscuits for what I considered my evening meal today. I don’t feel hungry when I’m not able to settle. I apparently wear everyone else out around me when I’m in this mode. I swear that I have a touch of ADHD which hasn’t helped my OCD side that got me labelled a criminal. I can’t help but get over excited when I’m around others because I just feed off the energy of others (not an energy vampire, that is when you do it for malicious intentions). I’m also depressed but trying not to think about it. If I’m constantly on the go and not stopping, this means I’ll be too busy to think about anything that leads me to feeling that depression.

If others don’t like my new hair colour, then they can do one. I don’t care what others think. I like it. It is my hair, no one else’s’. I don’t give a crap what others think of me anymore and refuse to apologise for my disability any longer.