Struggled through today, but it’s still work work work, (voluntary).

I have been in pain all day. It’s just something I have to work through. It should be over in a few days. It’s so strange not going anywhere because of this snow. I’m not used to it. I’m normally in and out all the time even if I just go for a walk. I’m definitely not going out in this after just going to the shop yesterday. I really should wear gloves even though I don’t like anything around my fingers. Apparently, another woman has informed me that you can train yourself to wear rings and have things around your fingers. I’m told that eventually it will feel natural. I’m still unsure. I have a lot of rings that I do not wear because I don’t like them around my fingers. I never used to like gloves but my hands hurt after going out in the snowy weather. I’ve never experienced actual aches from the cold ever before. I have got gloves but I don’t wear them. I’m not going out there again without them on.

On a serious note, I do wish that the snow would just get lost. I haven’t been anywhere in my car since Tuesday. I barely have any petrol so I’m not going to use it in this weather as petrol is used quite a bit defrosting the car. Especially when you’ve not got any de-icer spray left and can’t find any in the shop.

I work extremely hard despite my disability issues and current things, eg. the weather. I launched my first creative journaling challenge on my creative journaling wing tonight (on fledglings). I chose the snow for the next month.  I’m hoping that the actual snow doesn’t stick around this long. I’ve just been made manager of the group and we don’t have many posters participating in the art of creative journaling, in comparison to wings such as poetry & writing, photography and art. Even the music and film making wings are a lot more active than this one. I’m trying to give an aim to the group to encourage more people to participate. I’m thinking about the odd competitions too, however, I will need to think about prizes that don’t cost a lot. If money was absolutely no object, I’d give £10 amazon vouchers to the winner but that is something I cannot afford to initiate. I’ve tried to encourage them by posting a photo of my diary/journal’s cover which I’ve completely personalised. It is something that those who can’t even draw (like myself) can do easily. I bought a cheap hard back journal/diary type lined, A6 kind of notebook size (I’m guessing it would be those measurements, maths isn’t my strong point). I then just added to it. See below:


I get told by my auntie that lives in Australia that I should get lessons in how to draw because I have an artistic flare that I could build on. I’m not that into art. I don’t mind doing feedback on fledglings on others creations, but I don’t have the patience to learn to draw. I worked throughout the night too. However, this wasn’t on the fledglings things. I was studying for my gcse law exam. I was learning all about Occupier’s Liability Act 1957 and 1984. The difference between what either one classes as visitors and non-visitors. Trespassers were included in the 1984 Act (non-visitors). 1957 Act protects visitors only. I really need to make sure I revise everything regularly because I can’t remember the details already. I then went through vicarious liability and what constitutes an employee committing an act during the course of their employment and what doesn’t. It’s quite boring but if I can pass it then it’s a good subject to have and I’ll have over 5 gcses after getting my Maths as well. I will then have enough to get onto either an Access course or A Levels. I think that I only had three hours sleep and that wasn’t during the night.