Month: March 2018

  • An alternative ‘non-religious’ Easter message…

    I have not even touched an Easter Egg this year. I can’t even look at an Easter Egg without gaining weight nowadays. I’m actually classed as slightly overweight, even though no one can actually see that I’m overweight. If I was taller by a few inches then I wouldn’t be categorised by BMI as ‘Overweight’. […]

  • Not a good day today.

    I woke up feeling hot but also cold. I was half sweating but also cold. It is definitely hormones because I’m bloated too. I’m not out of bed yet. I am typing this from my phone. I’m uncomfortable because I can literally feel water in my joints I’m that bloated. The worse part is having […]

  • I need others to change things for me.

    This isn’t about anyone else, this is about me ok. I have put up with the way things are now for long enough. I was  severely failed and pushed into snapping. I’ve been punished enough. I hate the life I’m forced to live. I need what I set out to have. I had my wishes […]

  • Feel yuck. Napped but my anxiety is sky high.

    I managed to have a few hours sleep in my day clothes because I just felt so exhausted. I don’t feel any less tired but I managed to do a few bits that needed doing today. The car needed petrol. I also had to get lightbulbs for the car because one of the headlights and […]

  • I desperately need proper sleep. Things can’t stay as they are.

    I’m not trying to upset anyone else by saying these things. I just can’t stand the lack of sleep any longer. I have only had probably 5 hours sleep over the last 3 days and that has just been via dropping off during the day. I’m too tired to study for exams so I know […]