I’m stuck in a life I don’t want. And also in a society I do not like…

I get annoyed when people question my disability. I wanted so much that I never got to have because of the effects of my disability. I wish I weren’t like this because I wanted to get married, be allowed to have children and have a career. All of which I have been denied. I’m not happy in this life. The way I have been left to live my life brings unhappiness and depression on a daily basis. I have a personality which conflicts with my disability. The personality I have is completely the opposite to my disability. That is why it makes me frustrated. It’s like being locked into someone I am not. I don’t have confidence unless I relax. I don’t feel that I can show my true self. That is why I get so irritated by those that label me an awful person because they assume that they know me. Even though I’d love to get married, settle down etc… I know it would never work. That isn’t because I’m so used to being rejected due to aspects of my disability. This is because I am used to living on my own and I couldn’t do change by someone living with me. I like living on my own. Another person, even if I loved them, would make me feel like my space was being invaded. I’d love to see a society where we all understood each others issues. I would love to see an equal society where people with issues like myself were not only given the understanding they deserved, but also the ability to be included and meet some of our goals which we can’t at the moment due to all the red tape and ignorance.

I do not wish to insult anyone out there who insists that change is coming after Corbyn gets into power through the back door. We don’t know if and when that is going to happen. And, even if it somehow does happen, Corbyn is a few years off of 70 years old. If (some people say when) he gets into the position of Prime Minister and changes the way things are right now… any one that supersedes him as Prime Minister in the future may just undo it all again. Those like myself can’t even enter the House of Commons as an MP. These are due to legislation that has never been changed from the days when they used to have mental asylums. Those that have ever been put on a section aren’t allowed to go into that building. It is a law which needs to be updated but it hasn’t been relooked at since it was passed. I think it should be revised. I think that those which have been under a section should be given a chance to be part of running the country.

There is also another thing others haven’t thought about. Even if the likes of Corbyn become Prime Minister, there is still an issue that our laws go through the House of Lords after the House of Commons. The House of Lords are full of those with titles and most of them have lived very privileged lives. They can amend any legislation they wish when it is going through the law making stages of the House of Lords. Therefore, things may still stay the same in certain areas. Those that have titles which sit in that house have never had to rely on benefits because the majority of them come from privileged backgrounds. I’m not trying to poke holes through anything.

I voted for Brexit but now I’m thinking we have made the wrong decision. I have had to do things on European Law in my gcse law revision. I feel that if I’d have done that subject before the European Union vote, then I’d have voted to stay in, rather than out. I agree with those that voted out, in regards to the fact that it isn’t ideal being ‘in’ the European Union. However, we are in a far better position being ‘in’ rather than ‘out’ of the European Union. I think they should educate the public properly and then have another referendum because no one was actually ‘clear’ about what they were exactly basing their vote on. We all had our reasons for voting ‘in’ or ‘out’. However, none of us had the ‘full facts’ to make a fully informed decision. I didn’t vote ‘out’ to give the government an excuse to deport all foreign nationals. I just thought that it would make our system less complex. I am ashamed that so many of those who have came here that weren’t British born have since got told they’re not welcome and sent home by the government since we took the vote.

I know a Belgium born woman who has been in the UK for many years. Suddenly, she has got told that she isn’t entitled to any of our benefits. She has limited ability to work because of having MS. She was basically told she wasn’t entitled to help because she ‘wasn’t a British citizen’.  I apologise on behalf of the ‘out’ voters that the government has used the vote as an excuse to victimise Non-UK born citizens who have been here for decades. It is cruel because many of them have families and friends here, having made a life for themselves. There have been some on the news that have got told they have to go back to their country of birth, despite the fact that they’d got children and their partners here. A child would never understand why their parent has to leave the country. It’s an awful thing to have to put those families through. I hate the fact that my vote allowed the government an excuse to treat these people that way.

I can’t wait for change to come. I’m hoping that Theresa May loses the confidence of her party and other supporters on Friday when she’s announcing things to do with the EU exit. I hope that Jeremy Corbyn gets in. However, I’ve been naïve most of my life and it’s always been a huge mistake. I know who I’m voting for if there is another general election called. I’ve never been a labour supporter per se, especially the likes of Tony Blair. I used to be more supportive of the Greens. In fact the former leader of the Green party and Journalist, Natalie Bennett, actually has followed the blog’s twitter recently. She actually sent me a direct message the other day. I’m not discussing the content of that message as it’s personal, but just saying I have got well known followers. 

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