Exhausted again :(

I’m not feeling like I even want to get up today. I’m just exhausted and feel like I have a migraine coming on. I woke up to find that my mobile phone network is either down or I have been cut off early because I am not staying on the contract. I’m changing my mobile number so I will be texting my new number to everyone in my phone. If you don’t receive it there is a good reason for that. I’ve decided to cut contact with a few people. I don’t want anyone to be offended over it. I’ve been through a lot. In many cases, it isn’t personal.

I have a cat next to me telling me to get up. They have little meows and squeaks (more like a chirp noise). I’m used to the kind of noises they make. Mister is telling me he’s hungry so can I get out of bed. I think Mimi is the one using the litter tray. I just hope she doesn’t create a mess again. The other day I’d just cleaned it and she went and did a number 2 right over the edge of it. She is the only cat that does that so I know it was her. I was not happy because I had to clean half of the tray again.

I really have to get up soon because I’ve got things to do. I haven’t done enough revision of my law stuff. The exam feels  quite far away but it goes quite fast. I’m not confident I know enough to take the exam on a ‘wing it’ basis yet. I did that with my biology IGCSE exam last year. I  am not a scientific type person but I had to scrape a c in that subject. I tend to surprise myself. When I get to the exam I know more than I think I do.

I’m struggling today to even think straight. I can feel a migraine on one side of my head. I also ache all over when I moved. It’s horrible feeling that heavy it makes you stay in bed. I used to do so many things but this exhausted feeling has made me prefer to sleep a lot.

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