News on the PIP front…

I got the PIP decision letter today. They have denied me the benefit on the basis that they go through in detail of me not having my mobility affected enough. The fact that I go the Gym etc. They asked me what I did in my free time. I didn’t lie because there is no point. There are spies for the government everywhere, therefore if you say you have mobility issues when in fact you do not and get caught out, then it doesn’t just mean you’re denied benefits but also is an imprisonable offence because you’ve defrauded tax payers money.

I cannot live off £992 per month. That isn’t even the minimum wage per month if someone went to work. The working minimum wage is now at a total of £1,198.50. The DLA that has now been stopped would have taken me up to that threshold. The rent for my flat is approximately 38%, the gas and electric are 8%, the food bill for myself and the cats, including their litter is 30%, car insurance is 5%, Water bill is 3%, Phone bill is 3 1/2%, Gym is 2 1/3%, council tax contribution is 1%, laptop credit payments are 10 1/2% (2 more monthly payments) and my debt repayments per month is 5 1/2%. This is all out of the total. I haven’t even taken into account the DVLA tax payments and TV licence which doesn’t come out on a monthly basis. Then you have MOT costs and the petrol and car parking fees when I go to college once a week and visit relatives which are too far away to walk to, which is 3% of that overall total. I cannot go on public transport much because of anxiety due to my disability. The total of those percentages come to 109.8… which means I won’t be able to afford to live. I can use the food bank if I really have to because if you get ESA benefit the council will give you a voucher for the food bank per week. I would have to make an appointment and take my entitlement letter with me. I am on gluten free things right now because my stomach bloats badly eating none gluten free bread etc. I also have goats milk because of that exact same reason. I very much doubt they’ll have special diet products at the food bank.

I‘m sitting in my flat without the heating on because I am aware that I’m going to have to cut back until I can either sort this out with an appeal or someone will give me a job despite my criminal record. I’m a different person now but I’ve got into trouble so many times in my life that how am I ever going to prove that now? It’s only because I was never given the proper help to learn how to be socially that got me the criminal label. I don’t want to rely on benefits all my life. If I knew that I could get a job to make up the income loss then I would prefer that. I’m going to have to keep one pair of clothing on for a whole week and not have a bath every single day. I am going to limit the heating to being on for 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening. It will be getting warmer as the year goes on so it won’t be so bad after a few months has passed. I might get an electric heater because my gas is the most expensive energy source on my bill. I know I’m going to face resistance from my cats but they may have to have canned food of the supermarkets own brand. I know that Mimi is not going to be happy but she’s going to have to make sacrifices too. The other food I buy for them is on the expensive side too. I will either have to get the £11 massive bag (which lasts for approximately a month feeding 3 cats) or buy supermarket own hoping that Mimi will eat it. I only use my car when I really need to otherwise I will walk to the local shops. I really don’t want to buy one to two bottles of Pepsi max a week and refill a normal size bottle but I will have to because that is where a lot of my weekly spending money goes. The small bottles are £1.30 ish to buy per day. 7 days a week that is approximately £10 depending on the places you buy them from.

I can’t be doing with this all right now. I’d love to be able to work to make up the shortfall of being denied this PIP benefit. However, I’m highly unlikely to get a writing and artistic type job appear in front of me or anything like that to be handed to me just when I need it.