Things that randomly happen which completely get on my nerves.

It has come out that cars have been vandalised in our flat’s car park. Mine was one of them. I have noticed a few things on and off. However, I thought it was just my car’s age and it was basically falling to bits on it’s own. That was until I found a bolt left on the ledge near my window screen wipers. The car has been clunking for a while now. Everything still works but the noise isn’t right. Also I’ve noticed my tyres have been let down on previous occasions. There is no cctv camera in the car park. That means that whoever has vandalised the cars will most likely get away with it because there’s no proof. None of us have seen any damage being done because the people affected don’t live in any of the top flats on the side facing the car park. I’ve come back at all hours of the night due to personal circumstances and never saw anyone in the car park.

I assume that whoever did the damage carried it out during night time hours because the main road next to our car park is always busy as it’s the main road into our town and it’s also a bus route which has a bus stop placed on either side of the road outside of our flats. There would be far too many people around during daylight hours. The neighbours knocked me and I did hear them at the door but I’d literally just woken up from a nap. I heard them say something through my door, something like we are just checking if your car is okay. A lot of my neighbours know I’m a Greta Garbo type nowadays so if I speak to them in passing about the damage to my car when I see them they won’t think I was being rude or something. I went into anxiety mode as soon as I woke up and heard the door.

I’ve told them that sometimes I may not answer because I’ve had bad experiences which make me shy away from people but if it’s important I will get back to them. And if some of you don’t know who Greta Garbo is then you should read more. Type her name into google and you’ll see she was a famous recluse. Well a former movie star that famously lived a reclusive life after her career demised. As I said before, there is more depth about who I am as a person than I will ever allow anyone else to know. It’s a me thing. I just want to be private in certain parts of my life. I don’t want to share me openly anymore. Others will never know the whole of me. That is how it has to be.