OMP promo update / personal promotion opportunities : D

I would like to start with an update on the One Million Project Anthologies. A fantastic short story collection by 40 authors from around the world, who have come together to raise money in the fight against cancer and homelessness. All OMP proceeds will go towards Cancer research and homeless charities (there was a reconsideration of the charities which are benefiting due to concerns raised with me regarding the cancer charity choice). It is £11.97 to purchase all the three anthologies within the series, £3.99 each to download the eBooks, and £13.99 for the paperback versions (however, there is only one available in print so far via amazon – Thriller anthology). There is a choice of Thriller, Fantasy and Fiction (I contributed to this one). There is also an option to read them absolutely free, but we would prefer you to buy them (this is via a 30 day free subscription of an Amazon service). The link to buy these anthologies can be found by pressing Click Here.

I got asked if I wanted to plug this blog on a local community radio on a Sunday radio show. I have agreed but I do not like this part of promoting. I have phone phobia and it’s a phone interview. I can make phone calls however it makes me extremely anxious. I have to get over it enough to be in a media/journalism related career. I feel that I need to do this for others. It’s not just me who has the PDA type of Autism. The parents of school children who have this type really want someone to speak up and spread awareness of this part of the spectrum so that eventually there is as much understanding of PDA as there are of other parts of the spectrum. I see them discussing their children’s issues and things that have happened to them via the education system, it’s like they’re describing my childhood. I owe it to the future generation to go out there and discuss aspects of the condition so that they don’t grow up to get labelled a criminal. The fiction story I submitted to the Fiction Anthology above is based on a true story but I’ve fictionalised it to get around potential legalities. However, it will show those that were in the system when I was growing up, just how much I actually have found out. I was referred to the police by the education system many years before it came out (quite recently) in the mainstream news). And, even now it’s been exposed by the news, it is still happening to those on the PDA part of spectrum.

Schools are getting rid of these students via the backdoor so that it doesn’t appear on their exclusion figures. If they aren’t getting rid of these students, there is another option they’re using to deny these students a proper education. The SENCO of the schools are suggesting home schooling (their work gets sent home and they only get a very limited timetable) or referring these students on to links in the police. This is not an education! There needs to be more middle ground, because at the moment and in the past, there has been too much giving by the students with difficulties and their parents but too much taking by the education system. There is far too much laziness.

Straight forward systems is complete and utter laziness. Those with additional needs and issues that affect their mental functioning will NEVER fit into something that is straight forward. Our system doesn’t need equality, but actually equity. Equity makes sure that everyone who is disadvantaged in the way that they function gets assistance to be able to obtain things like everyone who isn’t disadvantaged. Equality means the system is ‘equal’ for everyone. This is where our straight forward system has developed that is actually causing more harm to disadvantaged groups of people. The law in general is based on ‘the reasonable person’ test. This  test was made in a time when those that were different were placed in mental asylums. Therefore this test doesn’t take into account those with any form of mental illness or issues which affect their mental functioning. This is also the reason why any form of abuse which vulnerable adults report aren’t taken seriously. Their evidence isn’t credible in law due to the ‘reasonable person’ test.

I have entered NAS’s Xmas Card competition for the 2018 Christmas cards they will be selling. I’m not sure if they will get as many purchases from their charity after the scandal about their care home has just come out. I entered another Autism charities Christmas card competition and actually won it late last year. Anyway, I can’t show you the entry for this one. However, I did do another artwork while I had the chalk pastels out. I’m no artist in my opinion because I can’t draw at all. I do have a style though which can only be described as ‘layering’. Here it is (even signed it – I use the name Emma-Lucy professionally):