Long day!!!

It has felt like a long day despite me only having got up this afternoon. I didn’t sleep last night. It wasn’t even dreams but I just couldn’t settle. I actually fell asleep at 8am this morning and woke up about 2pm. I only got about 5 hours sleep.  I’m quite tired now. I have literally been on the go since I got up earlier. I did a few bits of housework after I woke up. I then went for an hours walk to basically wake myself up properly.

I went to the supermarket for my weekly food shop. That took me over an hour because I went to the bigger supermarket about a 20 minutes drive away. The shopping basket was like a gym weight. I should have got a trolley but I don’t like dragging a trolley around with me, plus I’m on the short side so those bigger trolleys mean I can’t even reach things in them. I get around the being short thing by climbing up shelves etc. It would definitely be frowned upon by health and safety nowadays. I kept changing arms to carry the basket around the supermarket. I make it look easy but I assure you that the basket hurt my arms and it is very irritating when the product I wish to buy is on the highest shelf in the supermarket aisle. That was the case when I went to buy cat food a few days ago. I can’t buy an alternative because Mimi (cat) refuses to eat anything but a particular brand and type.

She’s always been quite a fussy cat. She has certain behaviours that I haven’t managed to train her to modify certain habits. The fussy with food thing isn’t that problematic. The worse habit she has is doing her business right at the side of the litter tray. It’s worse when she goes a number 2 because it doesn’t actually land in the tray but outside and I hear her trying to cover it, she tears at the newspaper around the tray and sometimes has caused a huge mess. I caught her going for a number 2 last night. I saw the way she had positioned herself and moved her into the middle of the tray. She didn’t seem to mind and just carried on. I have tried everything else to stop her going around the edge. The only thing left is for me to physically move her when she is about to use the tray.  I don’t know if it’s her eye sight or some kind of behaviour issue but she has to learn because she makes a huge mess regularly. The other two (both tom cats) aren’t bothered what they eat and they use the litter tray correctly. I try to make sure the tom cats don’t bother her. I fostered a female cat for about 4 months and she hated her. That was before the tom cat that hangs around now turned up. She is used to other cats because she was paired with her brother when I got them from their previous owner. There were small children in their former home which could have had an impact on her. It took a few years for her to not be timid and scared. Both of them have always been wary of people. I went through a period of being afraid when the door buzzer rang and hid… they do the exact same thing now so they obviously saw me do it and assumed that this was how to react to the door buzzer or anyone who even knocks the front door of my flat. I still get very anxious and literally feel shaky when I answer the door. I’m more able to tell myself that I have to do certain things regardless of how much it petrifies me nowadays.

Anyway, back to today. I had something to eat when I got back from my food shop. I watched the television for about an hour (soaps were on). Then I went for a two and a half Gym session. On my breaks at the Gym I was working on the online art project where I’m now part of management and quite recently have been given my own wing (group) to manage… the creative journaling wing. I wasn’t keen on the Gym, but at the same time I’m not keen on gaining more weight either. I feel bloated right now anyway so that makes me feel fat. I am one of those people that just hold onto water. It is all to do with hormone changes. I even feel fluid in my ankles. I found a way around that recently though. I put detox patches on my ankles. They felt so much better after I took the pad off the next day. I did it on my stomach too and it noticeably looked flatter after I took the pad off. The pads are designed to go on the soles of your feet but I honestly don’t feel or see the benefit of putting them there. In a few days I’m going to have to do it again because hormones are already causing me to bloat with fluid. It gets to a level where it gets uncomfortable. There have been many that are sceptical in regards to detox foot pads but they seem to work for me. However, there are many fakes on the market and if you buy a pack of those then all you get is sticky stuff on your feet when they are removed. The fakes tend to be green tinged muck rather than brown tinged.