I can’t just be nice and accepting anymore. I have a disability and it’s not optional.

I realised today that I can’t continue being ‘nice’ about things when I’ve been completed discriminated against. No one is prepared to help me out because they back up the abuse and justify it. I know for a fact that the tutor broke all confidentiality clauses which is an offence against the rules of their job. I am going to take it further because I know for a fact that this type of thing is a dismissible offence. I don’t want that but if I have to get things sorted by putting others on the spot where they could be disciplined for what they have done then so be it. If you always allow yourself to be abused then people will keep doing it. The gay community and the black community had to do it. I’m guessing that it is the only way we can fight for inclusion and justice too. I don’t want to do this but I don’t feel like I have a choice. I’m fed up of being bullied for my disability traits and not having the power to do anything about it. I was bullied all through the original start of the case by the tutor and my support acting on instructions of the local authority. I won’t ever get rid of my autistic PDA related traits. I’ve been put under clauses that don’t allow for traits of autism.

I will NEVER meet those impossible expectations. I will NEVER be completely normal. I cannot meet those expectations. There is absolutely no one, especially on the PDA part of the spectrum, that can meet those expectations! I refuse to be left on a section 117 aftercare when I’m not getting any support and am just abused by the local authority. It’s abuse just by expecting me to ‘get rid of my autism’. The point of support is for people to work with your form of autism, not demand I have skills that I’m never going to have. I’m being constantly let down. I’m never going to be normal and all the sanctions people have added to my name isn’t going to get rid of my autism traits. It causes me stress that is slowly making me ill. I’ve been given depression and PTSD because of these sanctions. I’m suffering so I have to kick back against the system that is causing me so much pain. I am who I am. I have a disability, it isn’t optional whether I have the affects of it or not and holding them back is literally causing me neurological issues.