Exhausted again, annoying!

I’m totally fed up of being exhausted. It’s too much now. I can barely do anything. I couldn’t get out of bed today without feeling I was going to collapse. Even just getting up to go toilet is a huge effort. I can’t see straight even and I’m so clumsy today. I’m dropping everything all the time. I also nearly fell over my own feet when I first got up. I can’t do much like this. I’m hoping that it goes away by tomorrow because I want to go the gym and I won’t be able to do that like this. I’m cold even under my bedcovers with the electric blanket on. I was cold for hours yesterday even inside when the heating was on. I had a jumper on but I was still freezing. I’m shivering now even with covers around me and electric blanket on. I just can’t get warm at all.  I’m too exhausted to even write anymore today,