Getting into this ‘getting fit’ thing now/college plans changed.

It is true that when people see the results happening it spurs them on to continue. A week ago, this gym idea wasn’t showing any results so I actually nearly quit. I may have gone down in trousers size again but I’ve gone up a cup size on the top. It’s normally the other way around with most people. I suppose my muscles are growing and then toning in all areas. I don’t have a clue. Apart from walking (mainly to get away from life for a while), I have no idea about fitness facts. I don’t enjoy the gym but I don’t see any other way of burning off the excess fat I’ve accumulated. I spend 2 and a half hours here on equipment  every time I go so it must be helping in some way. I’m going every 4 days now rather than 2. I wasn’t seeing the benefits while I was going every 2 days because my muscles were swelling but not developing. It was causing too much weight gain. I actually started losing bits when I had a 4 day break. I’m not fit enough and have muscle weakness on one side so every two days doesn’t help me build muscle to burn off the fat. I am far from what I want to be yet because I still have a bit of a chubby stomach (hate this area). But I’ve started doing toning exercises in between the gym. Its not aching yet but I know it will at some point. I push myself extremely hard but I’d be the same with anyone else too because I like to aim for high standards. I’m having a ‘break’ on the exercise bike as I type this. I do not actually stop. I just can’t because I feel lazy if I don’t do something while having a break. I think someone has given me a cold. I can feel it coming on.

Anyway, I’m not going back to college now to do level 2 maths until September. I didn’t get the message until too late about going for an assessment next week to see if I could go onto level 2 or have to go into pre level 2 class. I’m not even going to bother trying to get on level 2 this year because apparently the class is full now. I have to try pass my gcse law anyway so maybe it’s actually helpful to me that this has happened. I really don’t see the logic in their system. They’ve given everyone an assessment to see if they’re ready for level 2 or they would be better going into pre level 2 class. But, our results don’t come back for the level 1 exam until about 4-6 weeks. It’s not logical. However, none of this countries systems are made with logic in them anymore.