So many hashtags and projects, but little evidence of real change.

I have been involved with these autism and mental health since I was 17 years old. In that time I have seen countless campaigns, hashtags, projects etc. None of these have led to real change. I want to start seeing real change because I see and feel things that others don’t want to understand whatsoever. Until I stop feeling that then as far I’m concerned there hasn’t been enough progress. Until we have stamped out those attitudes, then society hasn’t progressed. In small areas it is even worse because everyone knows each other through association and the Chinese whisper phenomenon is rife. I do not give a fuck what those that have never spent time with me think about me. They don’t know me well enough to judge me. If people weren’t getting more understanding then peopl like myself wouldn’t be put through the criminal justice system for retaliating and real complete nasty scum wouldn’t get away with anything.