One Million Project Anthology Promotion

We have got the official green light to give E-book date releases and the links today. At this point it is on pre release purchases until being officially released in a few weeks time. These anthologies aren’t for profit and all the money raised goes to Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS. There is a choice between the genres Thriller, Fantasy and Fiction (I submitted a contribution to the Fiction one). At the last count there have been 52 pre orders (19 Fantasy, 17 Fiction and 16 Thriller). The links to pre order the anthologies are: Thriller – , Fantasy – , and Fiction – (please disable your popup blocker by pressing ctrl as your clicking the link because it’s linked to come up in a new window).

One Million Project is a global network of creatives and a series of books. One previous anthology and the current three that are to be released officially as an ebook on 20th February 2018 and the print version on 27th February 2018. All profits from sales go to two major charities – Cancer Research UK and EMMAUS (Homelessness organisation) with other initiatives in the works (music and arts).