Due to anxiety these are my new strict boundaries for others especially those in authority.

There is only one way that I can possibly remain living in this area without fearing for my life and all that is mine. I’m putting strict boundaries (walls in other ways) between me and others. Those that know me in every day life know that I’m so fearful of everything currently that I look visibly shakey (normally it’s at a level that isn’t noticeable). The only way I will calm down is if I create a wall of strict boundaries. I’m not doing anything wrong but I cannot lose my disability. I might offend others by accident but I’m not breaking anything right now. I do hope things change but I know the more I push others to see things differently, then the more they will refuse to do so. There are some things we just have to let time heal. That is hard for me because I’m not someone who feels healed by the passing of time.  If anything, I get more hurt as time passes.

Anyway, back to my new boundaries. Human rights act 1998 states that I have the right to a private life and to my personal property without interference from anyone else. Therefore this means that no one has permission to come to my property or touch my things without my permission. If I say no, I mean no and I simply won’t change my mind whatever others may say or do. Infringement of these rights gives me grounds to make formal complaints to wherever is necessary and I will be saying I want prompt action for any breaches of my rights. Also, if need be, I will be consulting a solicitor. Any other breaches under the remaining categories will also result in me putting in complaints or taking legal action if necessary.

The others are ‘right to life’, ‘freedom from torture or inhumane treatment’ (this includes the comments I’ve been subjected to online), ‘right to liberty and security’ (if there is no solid proof that I have done something wrong then I have a right not to be picked up and interviewed under questionable accusations), ‘respect for your private and family life, home and correspondence’ (kind of what I’ve gone into above, others aren’t allowed to go near my family to get info out of them etc), ‘freedom of thought, beliefs and religion’ (the way I think is different not abnormal and it is technically illegal to treat me in a negative way because of the way I think or any of my beliefs), ‘freedom  of expression’ (there is a reason why this blog never has anyone’s name written in it when I discuss the details I’m able to include because this keeps me entitled to this right), ‘freedom of association and assembly’ (no one is legally allowed to stop me associating with anyone or stop me from being part of any sort of group as long as it’s not terrorist related… which I assure you I’m not into any groups like that), ‘right to marry and start a family’ (doesn’t apply now but it is something I want others to abide by in the future), ‘right to education’ (we already know they can get around this), ‘protection from discrimination in respect to these rights’ (I’m aware that I have been discriminated against in the past but instead of reacting for others to justify their unfavourable treatment I’m going to a solicitor in the future on every occasion and I won’t withdraw my complaint or case until I successfully prove an act of discrimination).

I know that others may think I’m being a bit too over the top and hard but I cannot allow others to get away with what they have done in the past because I reacted to unfavourable discrimative treatment.