Stress build up done!

I wasn’t so ill when I got up. I couldn’t sleep until late despite taking extra medication to knock me out. It isn’t really recommended but to me it was an easy way to reset my sleep pattern. When my stress levels build up I he a migraine and throw up. I got the migraine last night and then threw up quite a bit this morning. I suddenly thought I haven’t had that happen for months. It used to happen regularly. I switched back to cows milk to try to save money in case pip cut my income. I had to switch back to goats milk because cows milk gave me stomach ache. I was allergic to cows milk as a baby but they gave me soya milk then and I can’t stand the taste of that. I was seeing if I could tolerate it now I’m grown up but I couldn’t so went back onto goats milk. I noticed red rashes on my skin when I came out the bath the last few days and it made me sick as a baby as well as gave me a rash so it may be more than a migraine that made me sick. I am sick with migraines anyway but the milk probably hasn’t helped. 

I’m revising for my maths exam but from the weather forecast earlier I heard that it could be snow again by the time we get up. I’m still revising though just in case it doesn’t snow. In all honesty I am fed up of snow. It’s just got a little much now. We’ve had more over the last few months than we have done for ages. It’s the anniversary of my dad’s death (8 years) in 2 days. I remember that it snowed on the day we went to arrange his funeral. That was a sprinkling compared to what we have just experienced recently. 8 years has gone so fast. I’m still a disappointment to my dad.