I mess every day up.

I haven’t got long at the library because it’s closing very soon. I came here to print off the answer sheets that my tutor sent me via email earlier. I got up late again today. I’m miserable because I went out in the rain and my feet got wet because my trainers need replacing as they are getting quite tatty. I’m waiting for them to decide my PIP benefit before I go buying new clothes. I know my old clothing is falling to bits but to me my bills and rent come first. I’ve had to pay for the damage on my car anyway so I had to save up for that. I still have an amazon voucher that I got for Christmas. I’ve left it on the side. I just hope it doesn’t get shoved in a pile of stuff like my previous one did. I found it eventually but I’d literally forgotten I’d even had it.

I get given one for Christmas by a relative every year. I’m really starting to feel the tatty parts in my clothing. I am also gaining weight without trying so I can’t buy anymore and throw loads out until I know which way I’m heading in that department. I go the Gym but it doesn’t help, it’s like I’m meant to be bigger or something. It is starting to get me down when I look at the clothes I just don’t wear anymore and how tatty certain items are now. I’m not a tidy person but it makes me feel better if things are tidy. I have to go now because the library computers are going to turn off.