Worked half the night.

I have just finished the article I was writing for SEN magazine. I told the editor that it would definitely be there by Friday. Again, I don’t get paid for it but I get a link to my blog on the end of the article.  I really do need to start finding paid work though in case pip cut that benefit. I was trying to understand my maths paper before that. I’m starting to get better but not confident enough to convince myself I will pass on Tuesday. I’m very tired but I can’t sleep because I’m too awake. I got quite into the article that I was writing because it had aspects of personal experiences within in. The subject matter had elements of my past in it. I write better at night because there’s barely any distractions (apart from the odd cat) and it’s peaceful which in turn makes me relaxed. I am a night person more than a day. Although I can’t do many all nighters when I have to get up during the day for things like college.

I have Mimi cuddled up next to me at the moment. Dave has gone into the utility room for the night and Mister is in his basket. I normally wake up to both of mine on my bed in the morning. It is so hard to get up when your cats are snoozing looking all comfortable. I’d love to stay in bed myself but I have to go out early on college days to miss school and work traffic. There’s nothing more depressing than getting up in the dark.

I see people stressing about being single on Valentine’s Day. I’m not even bothered. I’ve been single for every Valentine’s Day I’ve been alive so far. I’m not rushing into a relationship because it is just something I’ve never wanted ever. I don’t need anybody. I used to want love before I matured but then I realised it isn’t a thing that is important to me. I don’t need to be in a relationship because I’m able to do everything myself. It’s always been just me throughout my life. I don’t get the desire to date because of over commercialised hype. I’ve never had a desire to date ever. I don’t think that I ever will want a relationship. I would feel weird not single because it’s always  been t like that for me.