Tired :( and something has just occurred to me while listening to the radio.

I really wasn’t up to getting up this morning. I have managed to get up but only because I know that I need help with my Maths before the exam which is literally next week. I’ve got so much to do when I get back home. I have to get over here much earlier than my lesson because of traffic and I park outside of the town. It takes me about 20 minutes to walk up to the town from where I park. If I don’t leave at half 7 then I get in to school or work traffic.

I was extremely early this morning so I walked around the town before I came in. I’m going in slightly earlier because I need the tutor to explain some questions to me on a one to one basis. I know they’ve gone to the classroom already because I saw them go up but if  I wait a while then it gives him chance to prepare his stuff for the lesson.

I think that I may have gone through early menopause without really noticing. Well, I actually thought that it was extreme pmt. Earlier I was listening to the radio and they went through the symptoms. I’ve been through them all over the last year. I’ve always suffered at that time of the month so I just thought it was that. I am not really wanting to go into much detail here but let’s jusy say things did happen this month but not as normal. I have come on but it’s just like hardly there. Half of me is glad because I hated them so much anyway. But then I think that it means I won’t be able to have any more children and that seems kind of too final to me. I know that there are things they can do to reverse that change but honestly I don’t want to mess about with hormones. I’ve always been emotional enough while I did have them. I believe that everything that is meant to be is meant to be and this is just one of those things. Besides, now it’s happened or nearly done, I actually feel more emotionally settled. Why would I want to try to reverse it and go back to how I used to be emotionally? 

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