Past lives etc.

I know that this will be something that others either do or do not believe in. Those that know me will be aware that I do believe in because I’ve grown up being able to just feel things etc. This may sound a little insane to those that don’t believe in any of it and I apologise for that in advance. I’ve mentioned previously that I saw my past life in a dream many years ago after messing with reincarnation things. I had a friend that was into all the witchcraft stuff back when I was living down South. I have met one person that happened to work in London at the time of the 7/7 terrorist attack. But for the fact that they were ill on the day it happened would have meant that they’d have been on that train at that exact time on their way to work. Therefore, I do believe that there’s something in everything that happens.

The dream I had originally consisted of me, a guy and a little girl in the back of a car. The car looked like ones from the 60s/70s era. I had this dream a long time before I had my son. I never planned on having children in this lifetime when I had the dream. I just didn’t think I was that kind of person. I later found out that I certainly wasn’t a Mother type when I did decide to have my son. In the dream the car swerved across the road and crashed. I saw myself dead while I was standing on the road next to the crash. I looked like the only one that died. The little girl in the back saw everything because the crash didn’t knock them out. At that time this is the only details about my past life which I saw. Recently, I’ve been getting some really random dreams. That dream came back to me again. It doesn’t seem like my death in that previous life was an accident. I said to the guy driving that I was leaving him, then that is when he drove into the other side of the road on purpose. This kind of makes sense to me because I felt the same fear that I felt in that dream when I meet people. I feel terrified even though there is part of me that wants to be with another person. If I was intentionally killed by someone else that I was with in my previous life then it explains a lot of issues I’ve had in my current life. It’s unusual for souls to reincarnate so soon but on occasions it does happen especially if someone passed over from the result of something traumatic. The same friend that was into all this stuff told me a story about a relative that had their son in the car who was born with cerebral palsy. They drove passed a house and the child pointed to the house saying that they killed their parents there. It kept playing on the boys Mothers mind so they decided to go do some research. They found out that there had been a murder committed in that house and it was a son that murdered his parents which had lived there. Due to myself having been born with a disability, I fiercely disagreed with my friend about their theory that being born with a disability was negative karma from a previous life. I’m starting to rethink her theory now. I think there is something in it. I let my daughter from a previous life because I didn’t leave that awful guy before he intentionally drove us into oncoming traffic by swerving lanes. I died and left her with that awful guy. I don’t have a clue how he treated her for the rest of her life but I bet it wasn’t nice. I could have taken her with me away from him before he did that to us. So technically I deserve all the bad luck I have received in this life. I thought I died in an accident in my previous life. I was technically murdered and the recent dream showed he swerved into the other side of the road on purpose because I told him I was leaving him. I know it sounds absolutely crazy but it explains some of the feelings that I have in my current life. For instance the being terrified of others I’ve mentioned above. I remember always feeling that way before my negative experiences in this life. I’ve never been in a relationship in this life because maybe I still fear that this will happen in my current life again. I’ve just never been able to say yes to going out with any guy that has ever asked me out. I had my son with a friend and believe me I nearly scared myself out of doing that too. I’ve never been able to share intimate things with others without walking away or ruining things because I am petrified. 

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