I don’t feel that I have any option to ignore others assumptions anymore.

I woke up feeling awful this morning because I fell asleep very uptight about others judgements. I have used the tactic of ignoring them but I’ve got to the point where it is getting to constant digs via social media. I’m affected by things enough without having to be subjected to that. I’m seriously considering getting the local paper to publish an article clearing up any assumptions from my past. After all they were the ones that plastered my court case all over the front page when I was barely an adult. I could pop over there while I’m in the city. I have to do something. In my nightmare the other night the other university tutor (also a former journalist, however you never really retire from that kind of thing) had me on the ground trying to squash my face into the concrete. It might have been telling me that them and their mates are behind the constant cyber bullying. It doesn’t matter who is behind it, somehow I have to get people to see the person that I am now post the help courses I’ve recently been sent on.